A Post-Race Reward

A few months ago I wrote about the challenges of training for a marathon and how it impacts my treasured relationship with beer (Beer and the Runner).  Namely, I lamented that beer and me hadn’t been spending much time together.  I’d left it for the open road, the early bedtimes, and the even earlier mornings.  Sure, we visited on the weekends – maybe the occasional mid-week “hello” – but it wasn’t the same.

I’m happy to report that last Saturday I crossed the finish line at the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon in Louisville with a PR (personal record) of 3:44:47.  I knew that once I was done with all the training and the race, I had some catching up to do with an old friend.  And I had to do something a little special to make up for lost time.

To celebrate finishing my 2nd marathon I decided to open a few nice beers I’d had hiding in the cellar.  The first one I cracked open (or should I say uncorked) was the 2010 Rivertown Lambic.  I actually hadn’t had their lambic yet, so I was especially looking forward to it.  This isn’t beer review, but I’ll just say that it was fantastic and I’m already looking to replace its spot in my cellar with another one (or three).  I then followed it up with a Goose Island Sofie that had a little age on it.  To finish, I poured a new homebrew of mine (an ‘American’ Special Bitter) that had finally come around, finding that it had turned out just as I had hoped.  It was a great night of beer drinking at my house that night, and it was a welcome ointment to the aches and pains torturing my legs.

This weekend a lot of folks will be running in one or more of the Flying Pig races, be it the 5K, 10K, Half-Marathon, or full 26.2 miles.  Anyone Hoperatives out there running?  Are you planning on celebrating crossing the finish line with anything special, or even just one of your favorite brews?*

Good luck to everyone participating in the races this weekend.  I’ve run the 10K and the Marathon – all the events are well organized and super-fun.  Happy running, and happy beer drinking!

-John (#13)

*Pro-tip: Consider waiting until you get home to enjoy that beer.  Just sayin’.

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  1. Congratulations! It’s been a few years since I was a marathoner but this makes me want to get back into it. Nothing makes a beer taste better than having really earned.

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