To Have Hoperatives Happenings Or Not

Back in 2009, we asked you if we throw it, will you come? You resoundingly said, “yes” and we held our first Hoperatives Happenings a month later at Rock Bottom.

Since then, we’ve gathered at Rock Bottom two more times, Dilly Café three times, Arnold’s Bar and Grill twice, Hebron Brew Haus, The Pub at Rookwood Mews, Olives, Vito’s Café, Teller’s of Hyde Park and Nicholson’s. We also did a beer dinner at The Summit and a Burger & Beers event at the Party Source. Our last Hoperatives Happening was this October at Dilly.

The formula was simple: better beer locations provided our registered members with nibbles (the location could define that however they liked) and we bought our own beer. In addition, we all got to meet more believers in better beer. And we scheduled them on nights when the hosting location was likely to not be busy.

However, our numbers started to dwindle. Where we used to have 40 – 50 Hoperatives at a Happening, we began to have more like twenty or maybe just a dozen or so. Because these events take a lot of work to set (both on our part and on the part of the hosting location), we decided to put them on hold for a while.

Having talked it over, we decided to ask all of you what you thought and wanted. So we’re asking. Do you want us to start holding Hoperatives Happenings again? Are there any better beer locations you would suggest as a location? Are there any locations you would like to re-visit? Any other suggestions? We do these events for all of you so we really want your input. If you prefer, we’re also going to be posting a link to this on our Facebook page ( so you can respond there or you can drop us an email at both @

So, once again, we are asking… If we throw it, will you come?

8 Replies to “To Have Hoperatives Happenings Or Not”

  1. Yes, definitely. Whenever there is good beer and free food, I’ll be there :) We’ve enjoyed the one’s we’ve attended. Unfortunately, work schedules don’t allow us to get there before 7 usually, so we’re usually late and some people are leaving around then, but we are open most nights of the week if we know in advance.

    As for where to have it, the more centrally located, the better and downtown is good too. Most on your list is good, but I’d add Fries, Neons, the Lackman, and Moerlein lager house to that list.

  2. Get in touch with Mayberry on Main one of the best craft lists at a restaurant and Josh Campbell the chef and owner is a huge craft beer enthusiast as well as an excellent chef plus a great patio space for an event

  3. I have only managed to make it to one Happening, but that was because I worked nights. Now that I work days, I would like to spend more time with my fellow Believers. So I say, bring it on, and thanks Tom and Carla for all you guys do for us.

  4. I really like the idea of these Happenings I just never seem to be able to make it to one.

  5. I think the format can change up. Not requiring food expands the possibilities for a larger, more diverse selection of Better Beer establishments.

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