Today’s Hoperatives Required Reading Assignment: Sexism in Beer Advertising

It’s been a while, but it’s time again for our somewhat new feature – Today’s Hoperatives Required Reading Assignment. We read lots of other beer blogs and we want to share some of the great posts we’re reading with our fellow believers in better beer. It’s our hope that you will check out these other beer blogs, maybe leave them a comment and maybe share some of your favorites with us.

I never know what surprises people more when we tell people that we write a beer blog: that a married couple can happily work on something together without fighting or that a woman can like beer, especially better beer. This even happens with my family. At Thanksgiving last year, one of my cousin’s daughters asked in disbelief upon hearing about Hoperatives, “Carla likes beer too?!?” If you ever watch a sporting event, you know that the major breweries apparently think that women don’t like beer either (and only sexist, small minded men do).

Recently, Julie Niesen Gosdin (aka WineMeDineMe and Hoperative #7) sent me a link to an article on that addressed this problem. And that article reminded me of two different posts that Ashley Routsen (aka the Beer Wench) had published on her blog So go read and be sure to read the comments. Then, come back here and tell us what you think.

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