Traveling Tuesday: 24 Hours of Better Beer in Lexington, KY

Living in Cincinnati, we are lucky to have lots of better beer options right now. Definitely lots more than we started Hoperatives almost five and a half years ago. But, sometimes, you want to get the heck out of town. While Louisville, Indianapolis and Columbus are all close by, Lexington has become our go to weekend getaway.

Recently, Pinterest had a new type of board – the map board. Using FourSquare, you can pin some of your favorite places on to a map to share with others.

Since Pinterest is currently holding a contest for what they call “daycation” map boards, we knew we wanted to create one for Lexington.

Lexington Map Board

We ended up with nine pins and we can add more any time we want. Some of them you’ve read about here on Hoperatives before (West Sixth, Country Boy, Blue Stallion) and some we haven’t written about before (Kentucky Ale Tap Room at the Lexington Legends, Pazzo’s, Beer Trappe and North Lime Coffee & Donuts).

Clicking on one of the pins zooms in on the map and also highlights the pinned information about the better beer location on the left (as you can see it the example below). It’s all rather cool.

Lexington Map Board Close Up

This Pinterest map board turned out so well that we decided to start using them here on Hoperatives. Now, when you click on the Beer Maps link, you’ll be able to go to four different map boards: Breweries in the Cincinnati/NKY area, Brewpubs in the Cincinnati/NKY area, Restaurants/Bars/Pubs in the Cincinnati/NKY area and Beer stores in the Cincinnati/NKY area. The map board for each category is also linked at the bottom of the main page for each category.

As nice as they look, there are some problems. One – If a location isn’t on FourSquare or if Pinterest can’t find it using FourSquare, you can’t pin it to your map. Two – If a location is on FourSquare, but there isn’t an image linked to it and you don’t have an image to upload for it, you can’t pin that one to your map either. We’re in the process of taking more photos of the better beer locations listed here so hopefully we can fix one, if not both, of those problems.

In the meantime, we hope you like the new maps and hope you use them to find more better beer!

— Carla and Tom

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