Traveling Tuesday: Asheville Brewing Company, Asheville, NC

The road was a long one.  The Puddinette and I and all four of the puddinlings piled into the Family Truckster one bright, warm Tuesday morning two weeks ago, and bid farewell to la casa de Puddin for the week as we headed out on our Great American Family Summer Road Trip.  Some hours later, after leaving the relative familiarity of Kentucky behind, we crossed Tennessee’s harrowing mountains, and finally arrived in Asheville, North Carolina.  We secured our room for the night, wandered the massive gardens of the Biltmore Estate, and then, finally, turned our attention to a much needed dinner.

Of course, since I was tasked with scoping out food locations in each of the target cities throughout the trip, it should come as no surprise that we, um, miraculously ended up at the Asheville Brewing Company.  And, thinking ahead, I made sure to take plenty of photos while we were there so we could share the experience as a Hoperatives post.  Unfortunately, though, I ended up taking some of the worst Traveling Tuesday pictures of all time.


If I hadn’t taken this picture in the dark, you could see how simple and unpretentious the place seems from the street.


The pub has an eclectic feel to it, which seems to match the patrons.  I dig the sun-flare logo.

WP_20120626 1

The obligatory tap shot.  Mmm…beer.  I had the Red Light American Pale and Old School British Pale, and both were very tasty.  Left to my own devices, I would have stayed for much longer and enjoyed several more beers, and probably a good dose of people watching.  Sadly, the following morning included a long drive to the beach, so I let the Puddinette and the kids drag me back to the hotel room.


I really wanted to get one of these filled with tasty beer, but in the immortal words of the Rolling Stones, you can’t always get what you want.


If this wasn’t The. Worst. Photo. Ever, you could totally see the really cool decorative wall hangings (err…whatever…I don’t know what you call them) of several of the Asheville Brewing Co. beers.


The Nacho Daddy (with chicken) was awesome.  Thirty seconds after this pictures was taken, nothing remained on that platter but tumbleweeds and a few lonely black beans.  And I can’t even tell you what happened to the pizza.  That kind of decimation is just…just…too awful for words.


I decided that henceforth, whenever I visit a brewpub while traveling, if the place is cool enough to recommend/advertise, I’m getting a shirt as a souvenir.  See my new shirt!  It’s okay to be jealous.


It was only after buying it that I realized my new shirt came with an awesome quote from Hunter S. Thompson, whom I idolize, you know, a little.  Obviously, this made it my new favorite shirt.


One of the neatest things about the place is the huge outdoor seating area next to the brewpub.    And believe it or not, the patio was packed on a Tuesday night.  Oh, and did I mention they had hula hoops out there to mess around with?

The Asheville Brewing Co. is a fun, eclectic place with both really tasty brews and food.  If you every find yourself in Asheville, NC, I highly recommend stopping in for a pint or three.

And maybe bring a photographer.


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  1. Quite a coincidence–I’m currently on vacation with my own family and stopped at Asheville Brewing Company’s other location (on Merrimon Avenue) this past Saturday. Great place, great atmosphere, great food, you can watch movies in their own theater while you eat/drink (additional $3.00 charge). I got a sampler of their own brews which ranged from passable to rather good. Count me as another yes vote for Asheville Brewing Company.

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