Traveling Tuesday: Brownings Brewery – Louisville, KY

Browning’s Brewery is located in Louisville Slugger Field, home of the Louisville Bats. This was the second time we had checked out Browning’s and the first time we had been there since the head chef (Anoosh Shariat) had bought it. Unfortunately, it feels like a brewpub that was bought by a chef. While some of the beers were really good, it seemed like their own beers were being treated like an after thought. And the food wasn’t all that inspiring either.

Great beers here (but the Miller Lite neon sign seems very odd)

Oh, and don’t try to buy a growler there. They charge $35 for one of their fancy ceramic top growlers empty. One of the regulars there told that they used to be $25 a growler and that they used to be etched. Now, they’re just silk-screened and cost $10 more. Makes no sense. Luckily, the bartender had one of his own old jug style growlers with him and sold it to us (for $2) so we could a growler of our favorite beer there, the She Devil Imperial Pale Ale.

She Devil
She Devil Imperial Pale Ale (Very nice!)
club seats
Great view in the really inexpensive club seats at Louisville Slugger Field

While Browning’s is really convenient for eating before a Louisville Bats game, I think we’ll just enjoy a She Devil at the bar and then get a hot dog at the game.

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  1. I agree. The she devil was very good! I didn’t see anything on the menu when i went over the summer to make me want to eat. I dont why it cost you so much for a growler fill up.? I went during some happy hour and brought my own and walked out with an amazing $3.00 fill up. A group of guys next to me had there own growlers and say they come once a week for to get the beer at that price. Not sure what time it was? The best spot is 2 blocks away at the Louisville beer store! An original place that would do great business here if opened up.

  2. The fill cost was fine, it was the cost of an empty growler that was outrageous. We would have had to pay $47 for a growler of She Devil if we bought one of the ceramic top growlers ($35 for the empty growler and $12 for the beer).

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