Traveling Tuesday: Dawa Bar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Last week, you may have noticed that we were light on blog posts. We were actually on vacation visiting our happy place – Walt Disney World. We’ve talked about how popular our Hoperatives Guide to Walt Disney World is before and we took some time this trip to check out the revised beer offerings there. We plan to bring you some of our findings over the next few weeks. This week, we’re looking at one of our favorite WDW beer locations that recently moved to a new location.

Dawa Bar at Tusker House

Originally located in the far left corner as you entered under the Tusker House sign above, the Dawa Bar is now to the right and near the front of this space. Because of the brightness outside, it’s hard to see it easily. Look for the three hanging lights to see it better. By the way, if you’re wondering, “Dawa” means “medicine” in Swahili… and damn fine medicine it is!

Dawa Bar at Animal Kingdom

This shot from the other side shows the new location better (recognize the hanging lights?). The new bar has three times as much bar seating space since there is seating on three sides instead of one. Alas, the empty beer bottles (all with animal brewery or beer names) aren’t anywhere to be seen now.

Dawa Bar Beer Menu

While not as extensive as some other locations, the Dawa Bar does feature some beers that are unique to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom resorts. This is one time to skip the generic draft beers and go with the more exotic bottled beers.

Tusker Beer

One of our favorites is Tusker Premium Lager from Nairobi, Kenya. It’s one of the beer options at Boma, Sanaa and the club level lounge among others. It’s great on a really hot day in the parks.