Traveling Tuesday: District Chophouse and Brewery

Today’s Traveling Tuesday comes from Chris McGreevy (Hoperative #212). We’re hoping this is the first of many Hoperatives posts from Chris.

For reasons unknown, and for some time now, I have been encouraged to contribute to the Hoperatives site. Though I am comfortable with my writing ability, my experience in writing is normally in the form of a business letter or policy. With that, this is my first, and possibly last (depending on the outcome) effort at writing in a public forum concerning a topic that though I am very interested, I have limited experience writing about, especially in comparison to the rest of the contributors that I enjoy reading regularly on Hoperatives. Never the less, I hope you enjoy my contribution.


On a recent business trip to Washington DC, I found myself exploring the city with several colleagues trying to find a decent place to eat. As we walked aimlessly attempting to navigate the city using only my smartphone and Yelp, we stumbled upon the District Chophouse and Brewery.

Chop House Entrance

The restaurant is located very near the Capital and all of the other historic and government facilities that one might visit while sightseeing. For those law enforcement and criminal justice buffs like myself, it is directly next door to the Crime and Punishment museum, which I also recommend visiting. The Chophouse was dimly lit and quite comfortable. The crowd was mainly what appeared to be the after work dinner crowd of professional looking people, likely bureaucrats. I was pleasantly surprised and visibly excited as pointed out by my boss who was traveling with me when I noticed the beer list posted prominently by the front door.

Chop House Beer Menu

As we were seated at a table by the very friendly wait staff, I was promptly presented with the “Handcrafted Beers and Lagers” list. As I was dining on the company’s dime, and I work for a company that still allows you to drink with meals, I was pretty pumped at the possibilities this list presented, especially considering that I wasn’t driving. Then I recalled that I was traveling with several co-workers, including my boss, so instead of indulging my desire to drink all of the beers, I selected only a few, the first of which was the Amber Ale. Since sampling several Ambers in recent history, I have found it to be a style that I rather enjoy and fortunately for me, this one did not disappoint. It was a very smooth and flavorful brew with no aftertaste and a smooth finish. As I do not share the ability to identify or at least articulate all of the flavors and ingredients as most of my better beer drinking friends, I will not attempt to sound or act like I do and will leave my descriptions as such, I hope I don’t lose points for that.

Next on the menu, besides the glorious and perfectly cooked steak and smashed potatoes that I enjoyed more than any grown man should, was the Bourbon Stout. Being a bourbon lover and a proud resident of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, I consider it my duty to taste any product, especially beer, that contains the sweet elixir of my home state. After I ordered the stout, the waitress warned me as if I would change my mind, that the beer would be served slightly chilled and nearly at room temperature. Much to her surprise, I was not dissuaded and told her it sounded delicious, and boy was I not disappointed. The beer had a familiar nose that was reminiscent of so many other stouts I have sampled in the past. I can safely say at this point that stouts are my favorite style of beer and this one ranks up in my top 5. The bourbon flavor was prominent but not overpowering, the beer smooth and delicious.


It left a ring around the glass with every sip that clearly showed the progress I was making in rather quickly finishing my adult beverage. I enjoyed the stout so much, that in lieu of sampling another variety they had to offer, I finished my meal with yet another bourbon stout.

The next time you find yourself in our nation’s capital, I encourage you to stop in to the District Chophouse and Brewery to sample their better beer selection.

Chop House Menu

Please let me know how I did in my first blog endeavor, and until next time I’ll leave you with this:
“My friends are the best friends
Loyal, willing and able.
Now let’s get to drinking!
All glasses off the table!” – author unknown


Chris (#212)

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  1. I’ve actually walked by that place before and wondered about it. Looks very worth checking out. Great post!

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