Traveling Tuesday: Downtown Grill & Brewery – Knoxville, TN

Since it’s after Labor Day, and I guess we’re not allowed to wear white anymore, or whatever, I figured it was time to finally bring my series of summer vacation adventures to exciting new better beer locations to a frothy conclusion.  And I have saved the best for last.

As I’ve said before, I’m not a big believer in subjecting children who generally have trouble sitting still for half an hour to 12-hour cars rides.  Trust me, no one wins in those situations.  So, on our way home from our stay in Myrtle Beach, my wife, kids, and I stopped for an overnight stay in Knoxville, TN.  We almost had our hotel room given away, had some pretty decent pizza, and got to see the Sunsphere and World’s Fair park downtown.

That turned out to be more convenient for me than hot running water, because I’d had designs on stopping at the Downtown Grill and Brewery the whole time.

We arrived just about noon on Sunday, and the place was in full-tilt brunch mode.  We’d eaten breakfast already, though, so we got a sampling of appetizers – yes, obviously including the obligatory nachos – and I sampled a few of the brews.WP_000116

The nachos were tasty, and the While Mule Ale and the Woodruff IPA were awesome and both very clean. I enjoyed the IPA especially, as it leaned more toward the English variety of the style, which I tend to prefer.


Downtown Grill and Brewery has two floors, with two distinct bars and dining areas. On the first floor a square bar takes up the center of the floor space, with dining arranged on both sides. There are more tables directly above the ones on the first floor, on balconies that overlook the central bar. In the rear of the second floor, though, is a relaxing lounge area with the second bar, pools tables, couches, TVs, darts, etc.


Without question, DG&B was my favorite better beer stop of our vacation.  The beer was great, the place is housed in an old building with plenty of character, the people were incredibly nice, and the second floor lounge is the kind of place I could see myself spending hours and hours just hanging around with a bunch of friends and a few pints.  If you ever find yourself in Knoxville, definitely check the place out.

Oh, and if you get a chance, try the brunch menu.  The stuff looked good enough to steal from your wife’s plate.


4 Replies to “Traveling Tuesday: Downtown Grill & Brewery – Knoxville, TN”

  1. I stopped here on Friday of labor day weekend, and we were able to meet the brewer and take a private tour. I echo the reviewers comments, and will be stopping back again.

  2. It seems we went on very similar vacations–Asheville Brewing Company on the way there, Downtown Grill and Brewing on the way back. I’ve been there a few times before and I always like to go there when I’m in or near Knoxville–good food, good beer, always a friendly atmosphere. If you go on a Friday or Saturday night, be prepared to wait a few minutes for a table but the wait is worth it. And just down the street a block is a newsstand/mini-deli with a good growler selection!

  3. We stopped there on the way back from an Asheville beer trip. We did get the jazz and brunch. Beer was good, music was good and food was great.

  4. If you make it down Knoxville way again, Market Square is not only charming, but includes the fabulous Tomato Head pizzeria, where they feature several local beers on the menu.

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