Traveling Tuesday: FLAT12 Bierworks – Indianapolis, IN

Carla and I were on our way back from visiting her dad in Illinois and decided to stop in at Flat12 Bierworks. They’ve only been open since January of this year, but it’s clear that they’ve already earned a loyal following. As an extra added bonus, we met up with Jake (@ibt_jake) from I Brew Too. All in all, a nice afternoon.

Front of Flat12's building
The building once held a furniture manufacturer, but was abandoned. It's sparked a redevelopment trend on the street.

Flat12 Door
The name refers to a kind of racing engine. It was the kind of engine that powered Steve McQueen's car in the move "LeMans."

Growler Station
Flat12 has both traditional half-gallon glass growlers and 32-oz "bullets," which are plastic bottles.I don't know how long Carla had to wait to get a shot of the growler station with no one there. It was pretty busy the whole time we were around.

Growler Chalkboard
We were there the day they tapped the Walkabout Pale Ale made with Galaxy hops from Australia. I have a new favorite hop.

Taproom beams
The taproom is a simple, comfortable space.

Taproom crowd
There was a steady flow of people the whole time we were there. Some came to sample, some came to get growlers filled and leave, and others came to hang out with a fresh beer,

Comfy chairs
These chairs were "upcycled" from shopping carts by a local business. They were surprisingly comfortable.

There's an outdoor seating area that would be nice if the temperature were less than the surface of the sun. You can get excellent pizza from these guys. Thin, crispy crust. Fabulous.

On the wall in the taproom. We'll be back.