Traveling Tuesday: Kelly’s Caribbean Bar, Grill & Brewery – Key West, FL

Pan Am Show Logo

One of the new television shows this fall season is “Pan Am” on ABC. Set in 1963, the show tells the story of several flight attendants (then called “stewardesses”) at the beginning of the jet age.

For us, the show immediately reminded us of the birthplace of Pan Am in Key West. And it just happens to be the home of a brewpub now.

Kelly's Main Sign

Kelly’s Caribbean Bar, Grill & Brewery is located at 301 Whitehead Street in Key West. You can enter under this sign to go right to the outside seating.

Kelly's Exterior

Or you can go around the right side of the part of the original building where Pan American Airlines was born to both the inside bar and the brewery itself.

Kelly's Entrance

The brew tank at the entrance lets you know you’re at the right place.

Kelly's beer listing

This large sign on the corner of Caroline and Whitehead lists the beers that Kelly’s brews on premises.

Pan Am Birthplace Sign

But, next to the beer sign is this sign telling you that you are at an historic place.

Pan Am Memorablia

The wall between the breezeway entrance and the inside seating is separated by some display cases with Pan Am memorabilia in them.

Pan Am Memorablia 2

The beer is pretty good. We happened to be there on a down day and it was hard to get a good picture of the brewhouse. We also managed to miss getting a picture of the bar top made from the wing of an airplane.

100 Shares of Pan Am Stock

It seems sometimes that if you throw a rock you’ll hit something historic in Key West. Or a drunk tourist. If I were you I’d avoid the rock-throwing drunk tourists and get a beer at Kelly’s.  You won’t be sorry.

3 Replies to “Traveling Tuesday: Kelly’s Caribbean Bar, Grill & Brewery – Key West, FL”

  1. My wife and I stopped here back in April. They were out of their own beer so I can’t add anything to that conversation. However, we did get to look around in the brewhouse and I have to admit it was the most disgusting place I have ever seen anyone make beer. Everything had mold all over it. After I saw that I wasn’t so upset that they were out of beer…

    Key West was fun though…

  2. How exciting to see this post. I am now living in Cincinnati but my last home was about 3 blocks from Kelly’s and I have many good friends working there. I miss Key West so much that I am in the process of putting together a Key West theme restaurant here, with fresh seafood flown in daily, and of course great music and (too much to) drink. I will look into carrying some Kelly’s brew.

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