Traveling Tuesday: Liberty Taproom and Grill – Myrtle Beach, SC

When the family and I were staying in Myrtle Beach proper last month, I was a little concerned about my brew-seeking options.   Let’s face it: it’s a pretty touristy area.  And when I think “tourist trap”, the last thing I typically expect to find is a solid beer venue.

So I was generally happy when I read about the Liberty Taproom and Grill.  While it’s not a brewpub, it part of the same group that owns New South Brewing, which supplies the 7 “Liberty” styles sold on tap here.  And those make up only a fraction of the 36 available taps, so there are plenty of solid craft brews available (including, at the time of my visit, Stone Arrogant Bastard, a personal favorite).

Theme alert: Look kids, Lady Liberty…in glass!
Theme alert, redux!
From left to right, Liberty Nut Brown, Red Rocket, Belgian White, and IPA. Now, I swear there were five of these. Hmmm…somebody must have stolen one
Here’s one bank of taps…
…ooo! Look, here’s another.
Ok, so the place looks a little “PF Chang meets TGI Friday’s”. But the beer options totally make up for it

Admittedly, the Liberty Taproom and Grill is a lot different from my first stop on vacation, Asheville Brewing Company.  The latter is as small and independent as a place can be while Liberty is clearly one piece of a regional chain.  But you know, what?  The beer was fresh and local, the food was good and there were no shortage of craft brew options.  Oh, and the growler of IPA I took back to the hotel didn’t last long either.  My only real complaint is that they didn’t have T-shirts which thwarted my plans to get a shirt from every place we stopped.

The point here is that, while Myrtle Beach isn’t a place known for its craft brewing options, a believer in better beer could do a lot worse than bellying up to the bar at Liberty Taproom and Grill.


PS: The pizza is pretty darned good too.