Traveling Tuesday: New Glarus Brewery (New Glarus, WI)

Copper Tanks at New Glarus
Today, we are launching a new feature on Hoperatives called “Traveling Tuesdays.” Like many believers in better beer, we always like to seek out new beers to enjoy when we are are traveling regionally or beyond. Through this feature, we hope to share with you just some of our favorites.

Our first Traveling Tuesday visits the New Glarus Brewery in (appropriately enough) New Glarus, Wisconsin. In 2009, they built a new hillside brewery while keeping their long time riverside brewery for brewing seasonal and specialty beers. The photos below give you a glimpse or two at both locations.

Cheers and here’s to better beer!

Carla and Tom

The original Riverside Brewery for New Glarus
New Glarus, WI is known as “America’s Little Switzerland” and the original New Glarus Brewery building reflects this Swiss influence.

The original Riverside Brewery for New Glarus
The phrase “Hopfen und Maltz, Gott erhalt’s” on the side of the brewery loosely translates to “God Save Hops and Malt”.

The new Hilltop Brewery for New Glarus
The new Hilltop Brewery for New Glarus Brewery is gorgeous. It’s an updated version of classic European brewery design. We especially liked the waterfall built in along the rocks and stone steps.

Copper Tanks (2nd view) at New Glarus
Copper fermenting tanks

Stag Railing at New Glarus
A stag figure on the railing

Sign on Stairway at New Glarus
If you’ve ever had New Glarus, you know this really is the Stairway to Heaven.

Aluminum Tanks at New Glarus
Wonder which one contains the Moon Man No Coast Pale Ale…

Tasting Wristband at New Glarus
Of course, we had to taste the beer and their wristbands were a unique way to handle the tastings.