Traveling Tuesday: Offshore Ale Company – Martha’s Vineyard

My wife (#102) and I (#13) were in Martha’s Vineyard with her family for Easter weekend to partake in a little east coast bourgeois.  While there, we had dinner at The Offshore Ale Company, a brewpub in the heart of Oak Bluffs on the northeast part of the island.  It’s obviously out of the way if you’re “just passing through” the area, but it’s well worth a visit if you’re visiting the island and looking for better beer.

(Ed. Note: it was rainy outside and poorly lit inside, so the pictures aren’t of the best quality.)

We respect a bar with quality English steel tip darts.


It was rainy the day we visited, but it must be nice to sit outside in the summer.


Their beer lineup was pretty standard, but all solid and delicious. The Brown Ale is one of the best browns we’ve ever had.


The brewing facility is featured behind the bar. You’ll also note that there are as many oyster choices as beer choices. NICE.


Like many establishments in Martha’s Vineyard, there is a distinct nautical theme.


The food was also excellent.  The fisherman’s stew was easily the best meal I had on the trip.


The Offshore Ale Company
30 Kennebec Avenue
Oak Bluffs, MA 02557

-John (#13) & Erin (#102)