Traveling Tuesday: Salud Beer Shop (Charlotte, NC)

Early in July, my son Caleb and I took a short weekend trip down to visit my sister Katie and brother in law Jay in Charlotte North Carolina.  As we discussed what we planned to do over the two and a half days, Jay, who has a taste for better beer, mentioned that some of his co-workers were involved in a new beer store that opened in Noda (Charlotte’s Historic Art District).  As it doesn’t take much more to get me to go someplace other than saying the words “good” and “beer” in close proximity, I was ready to jump in the car and head down to Noda. 

Salud Beer Shop sign

What I found when we got there was a pretty cool little place unlike anything I have experienced at home.  Salud Beer Store was a comfortable little establishment with leather furniture and a circa 1990 television and original Nintendo greeting you as you enter.  Lining both walls are shelves and shelves of better beer from all over the country.

Salud Beer Shop shelves

Not only does Salud boast an excellent selection of bottle beers, they also have a modest growler station that constantly rotates different delicious offerings to partake while you are hanging out or to take home in your favorite growler.  The staff is friendly and just about everyone is from Cincinnati believe it or not.

Salud Beer Shop

After trying a Rein Pale Ale by North Carolina Brewer Olde Mecklenburg and a Madrugada Obscura – Dark Dawn by Jolly Pumpkin, I sampled the Hop Flood by Evil Twin Brewing from the growler station.  And since I was like a kid in a candy store, it was only fair that my sister took my boy down the street for some frozen yogurt while his father and uncle sampled what Salud had to offer.  Before heading out we picked up a variety of other beers, many of which I have never seen at home, and we headed to the pool to enjoy the rest of our short vacation.

Salud Beer Shop beer

So next time you find yourself in the Charlotte area, make sure you pay Salud a visit.  Besides that, the Noda area seems like a pretty neat part of town to check out while you are there.

Salud Beer Shop beer and glass

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