Traveling Tuesday: St. Arnold’s Brewing — Houston, TX (Part II)

So this is the second half of the series we started last week about St. Arnold’s Brewing in Houston. This week we’re looking at the brewery as it is today. It’s located in a building that was the Houston city schools food services building when I was growing up in the city. Before that it was owned by the company that eventually became the Sysco food services company. It’s an amazing space. It makes you wonder what our startup breweries will look like in 15 years.

The entrance to the new brewery
The entrance to the brewery

St. Arnold Mosaic
This mosaic of St. Arnold greets you as you enter the brewery. St. Arnold is one (of several) patron saints of brewers.

St. Arnold Brewing Company Owner Brock Wagner
In a stroke of luck, brewery owner and Cincinnati native Brock Wagner did the tour the day we were there.
Brew Kettle vs Overpass
The trip from Germany to Texas was going well until the brew kettle met a Houston overpass. The brewhouse vessels came from a monastery brewery, which seems entirely appropriate.
The brewhouse from the floor of the fermenting and packaging area
The tasting room from the floor of the fermenting and packaging area. This room was added on to the original building.
St. Elvis Fermenter
You have your saints. They have theirs.
The bar in the hospitality room
The bar in the tasting room. It was inordinately crowded at 3 pm on a Friday. It only opens when a tour is going on and you have to pay to get in, but I'm pretty sure there are regulars.