Traveling Tuesday: Sun King and Flat12 in Indy

This week’s Traveling Tuesday post comes from Brett Meadors, Hoperative # 287.

I had tickets to see a screening of Kevin Smith’s new movie Red State with a Q&A with Kevin afterwards at Butler University a couple weeks ago.  Since I was heading up to Indianapolis I figured I would get there early and try some local beers.   I found that Sun King Brewery and Flat 12 Bierwerks were only a few blocks from each other and had tasting rooms.

My brother and I left town and headed for our first stop at Sun King Brewery.  The brewery tasting room was hopping at 2pm on a Friday afternoon. There were several people with rolling coolers or carrying multiple growlers and many other like myself just tasting   They provided free tickets for tastings of the 6 beers they had available that day.  I enjoyed the Bitter Druid ESB and Wee Mac Scottish Ale.  The sell beers in 4 pack 16ounce cans ($10 – $11) and by the growler, which are priced great for the main 4 beers ($3.50 for a 32oz refill or $5 for a 64oz refill).  I grabbed a 4 pack for some friends and a growler of the ESB for myself.

Flat 12

After lunch my brother and I headed for Flat12.  Flat12 was not nearly as busy in the early afternoon but I have a feeling that is because it  just opened a few months ago. While I liked a couple of the Sun King beers I enjoyed the entire lineup at Flat12.  Flat12 provided free samples as well.  Their amber ale was very nice and a little hoppier than most ambers which I enjoyed.  The Half-Cycle IPA is also very tasty but my favorite of their brews is probably their porter.  While talking with some of the employees and working my way thru the lineup the brewmaster Rob came out and we talked about the brewery, the area and homebrewing.  Although it wasn’t their normal day for tours Rob took me in the back for a quick tour. I wish I had brought my camera, it was cool to see all of the brand new kegs stacked around.  I have toured some other breweries but not with the brewmaster so that was fun.  Everyone at the brewery was knowledgeable and polite.
After sampling the beers you can buy pints to enjoy on location and they have large soft pretzels from a local bakery.  They also seem to have a food truck stop by on Friday evenings. There was a truck setting up just as I got there and I have seen on their twitter feed that they have had a different food truck each Friday since.  Flat12 is not yet bottling, only selling kegs to area bars and selling growlers and pints at the brewery, but they hope to start bottling by late summer.

After the tour I enjoyed a pint of the Half-Cycle IPA and a pretzel while talking to some other patrons before buying some stickers for friends and a growler of porter to bring home for myself.  I look forward to going back again.  If you are going to be in the Indy area I highly recommend stopping by Flat12 Bierwerks, you will not be disappointed.


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  1. Thank you for your kind words, as well as, the time you took to visit us. We appreciate every single customer that walks in our door. We opened on December 30th and only began distribution in mid-January of this year. While it has been fun so far, we are excited about what lies ahead for Flat12. Please come back when you are in town!

  2. I had heard about Flat12 – great to hear that there up and running and making great beer. Both sound like a worthwhile visit.

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