Traveling Tuesday: Sun King Brewing — Indianapolis, IN

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My wife and I went to Indianapolis on Saturday morning and got caught in the snow storm. Our objective was to pick up some fresh beer from Sun King Brewery for our Super Bowl party. I was doubtful that the brewery would be open with over four inches of fresh snow on the ground or that they would be willing to fill two of my 1/6th barrels if they were.

It was the day before the big party and my kegerator was empty so desperate times called for desperate measures.

The roads were treacherous and automobiles were spun around on the side of the road every mile. I was tempted to call and see if they would even be open. When we pulled into the parking lot we couldn’t believe our eyes! There were over 20 cars with people all over the place carrying out growlers and kegs in both hands. We thought they must be having a huge sale. It turns out this is a normal Saturday morning for the tasting room at Sun King Brewery. I’d bet it’s even busier during the warmer months.

Tastings are free for each of their beers and they give you can lids as tokens to use for sampling their special seasonals. Sun King is unique because they can their beer and do many things to limit their impact on the environment. It was also larger than most craft breweries I have visited. Judging by the amount of beer they were selling and the number of customers I can see why they needed such a big operation to keep up with the demand.

When we entered the employees were very helpful and even took both of my 1/6th barrels to clean and fill up with any of their beers. This worked out perfectly considering it is a long drive to return one of their kegs for a deposit. The tasting room is part of the production facility that was very spacious and had tall rafters. With a handful of pub tables and a merchandise area, I immediately knew I would enjoy the experience. It was one of the most interesting tasting rooms I have been to because I could watch the brewers make beer as I was sipping it fresh from the tanks. Along with this they have a fridge packed with their canned beer and taps for growler fill-ups.

It was worth the trip and recommend anyone traveling to Indianapolis to stop by along with the many other fabulous breweries the city has. I have never been disappointed. There are so many breweries in the Indianapolis area its like the Portland Oregon of the Midwest. When visiting I recommend a bucket of steamed mussels with your fresh beer, they can be found on most brewery menus in Indianapolis. You can find more information on Sun King at

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  1. I would call ahead, It sounded from other employees that I got lucky or they did me big favor. I think they happened to be kegging that day.

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