Traveling Tuesday: The Grand Trunk Pub – Detroit, MI

Another in what I’m starting to think of as my “Detroit Series.” What’s funny about this week’s entry is that the name of the place is kind of vague. The web site calls it “The Grand Trunk Pub.” The menu says it’s “Foran’s Grand Trunk Pub,” but some locals call it by a past name “Foran’s Irish Pub.” That’s the name I was given when I was told about the place, and it’s stuck in my head. The building was once used as the ticket office for the Grand Trunk Railroad. That line ran through Flint, MI and some guys out there started a band you might have heard of: Grand Funk Railroad. It’s a good place and a “must stop in” when I’m in town.

Foran's Menu
The menu really sets the tone for the place.
Foran's Bar Wide Shot
The beer menu features nothing but Michigan beer
Foran's Beer Menu
This is where I was introduced to Short's Huma-Lupa-Licious. Amazing stuff.
Foran's Fixtures
The fixtures are classic.
Foran's Glass
It feels like it's been a bar forever.
Foran's Carving
The carvings tell a different story about the building's history, though.
The bar at Foran's
It was built as a jewelry store in 1879. It was the Grand Trunk Railroad's Ticket office from 1910. It became a bar in 1935. So I guess it's been a bar for close to forever.
Foran's initials
I'm sure there's a story here. Wish I knew what it was.

3 Replies to “Traveling Tuesday: The Grand Trunk Pub – Detroit, MI”

  1. Glad you got to try the Huma. a friend of mine has a brother-in-law that works for Short’s and has been bringin me some samples that migrate this way from the “mitten”. The beer is a hop-head’s delight. As i understand it the Owner loves his hops and oddly enough..fruit…As a general rule I stay away from fruit related brews, but for the fun of it (and sheer absurdity) we tried the Strawberry Short’s Cake and a Key Lime offering. I’ll stick to the hoppy stuff, but i love the experimental nature of the brewers!

  2. Between Grand Trunk and Grand Funk, I’m sure those walls could tell a million stories.

  3. Just discovered your Web Site. Keep up the good work. Just got back from Chicago and loaded up on 3 Floyds Alpha King, Pride& Joy, Ballast Point and 2 Brothers in Warrenvillle, IL. Great pictures and article on Grand Trunk. I am in Detroit a lot for business and and will make the visit.

    If you get to Battle Creek, MI visit Arcadia Brewery.

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