Traveling Tuesday: The Terminal Brewhouse – Chattanooga, TN

If you’re in Chattanooga, TN, the Terminal Brewhouse is a must-visit. A group of homebrewers got together to start a brewpub and they’ve done a fantastic job. It’s only about two years old now, but built in an old hotel located across the street from the former train terminal famous for the Chattanooga Choo-Choo. Ironically, the train terminal is now a hotel. Anyway, these pictures don’t begin to scratch the surface of what there is to see in this brewery. It’s worth the trip.

Terminal Building Sign
You can see the building's past as a hotel clearly.
Terminal Door
I especially like the crossed knife and fork. It's a great logo.
Terminal Stairs
The entire building is used, from the former basement to the 3rd floor
Terminal Fermenters
The brewhouse is in the old basement, but it's still the focal point
Terminal Green Roof
Eco-friendliness has been built into every aspect of the operation. This is the Green Roof outdoor area. The "carpet" is grass.
White Shadow Wit
The beer is what you come for. We were there when it was hot, so the White Shadow Wit was perfect. And yes, it's named after the TV show.
Terminal Samples
The samples are generous. Oddly for a train-themed place, they didn't have a porter. But all their beers are very, very solid and to style.
Terminal Bar Top
The bar top is made up of flattened beer cans covered in a smooth finish. Recycling everywhere.
Champagne Velvet
Detail of the bar top. Champagne Velvet was once brewed in Terre Haute, IN. One time I saw a Bavarian can from the brewery in Covington, but I couldn't find it on this trip.

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  1. we stopped here before heading to the Southern Brewer’s Festival a couple weeks ago (great festival, by the way)…great place w/ awesome food and really good beer…the oatmeal stout was especially tasty.

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