We’re Taking It Back!!!

I made a comment on Twitter awhile ago about how I wished Inbev had a Death Star with an open ventilation shaft. A strong if not nerdy statement.

I immediately thought of the conversation from the Kevin Smith movie “Clerks” where they discuss all of the innocent contractors that were killed in the explosion while working on the uncompleted Death Star in Return of the Jedi.


It made me ask the question, “Which beers are the innocent contractors in the evil intergalactic war?”

If you could say “I’m taking it back!” what beers would you snatch from the evil grasps of the giant conglomerates and bring back to the light?

Franziskaner and Hoegaarden are the first two I would save.

Now it’s your turn to comment.


– Jared


(I operate on a fairly high plane of nerddom so if you got all the references then we definitely need to have a drink together.)

9 Replies to “We’re Taking It Back!!!”

  1. Yeah I drafted this right before the Goose Island thing broke. Taking back Matilda while I’m at it.

  2. If you’ve ever seen Clerks II, you’ll know why I laughed so hard when I read:

    “I’m taking it back!”


  3. I’m poorly educated with fingers far from the pulse of the beer community, but I do approve of all the Kevin Smith references in this post.

  4. I don’t think Pilsener Urquell deserves to be lumped in with Miller. I’d like to see Goose Island, Franziskaner, and Spaten out from under the ABInBev umbrella as well.

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