4 Replies to “What the Governor Said at Mt. Carmel Brewing Yesterday”

    1. Politics is a tough issue. Speaking only for myself, I don’t agree with much of what Gov. Kasich stands for. But it’s a fact that his administration got this particular bill through when others haven’t. I’d like to think I’m big enough to give credit where credit’s due. Plus, Mike & Kathleen are two of the finest people you’re ever likely to meet and they deserve whatever publicity they can get. I don’t agree with Kasich’s politics personally, but his enthusiasm for what they’ve accomplished out there seemed to be sincere and not for the cameras.

      All that being said, I hate people telling me what I ought to believe, and please don’t take this as telling you that your belief is invalid. I was biting my tongue out there. It was worth it me, and I’d do nothing different if I had to do it over again. It was a nice thing happening to nice people.

  1. Eliminating the requirement of a separate license for a tasting room is the only good thing this so-called governor has done. I’m sure there was something else in that bill or another one that was bad so you have a net effect of zero. But I’ll give a little credit where a little credit is due. I would never vote for the jerk though.

  2. Well…this is a beer-related blog, and a great local brewer was featured in something that is important to all Ohio brewers (and beyond). Regardless of if you like the Governor’s politics on other issues, he’s been pretty helpful to the beer people. Hopefully more states will follow suit and continue to embrace small businesses–especially brewers/distillers.

    Congrats to Mt. Carmel for the wonderful publicity. I’m sure more people will give their beer a try–regardless of the fact that the Governor paid them a visit. After that, the beer speaks for itself. It’s good.

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