Yeah, We Tried It: Pumpkin Ale in Cinnamon/Sugar Rimmed Glass

We heard about a bar that is serving seasonal pumpkin ales in glasses rimmed with cinnamon and sugar…a la salt on a margarita glass.  Not ones to shy away from playing with our beer, we decided to try it out for ourselves in the safety of our own home.

For the beer, we chose the RiverTown Pumpkin Ale – not only because it is fantastic, but also because it is not too heavily spiced.  For the glass, we chose fluted tulips because we thought it would make the application of the cinnamon/sugar easier.  And because drinking out of them makes us feel fancy.

The application of the cinnamon/sugar is just how you would do it for a margarita glass.  We wet the top edge and side with some water using a finger and water, poured out some cinnamon/sugar on to a plate, then rolled it around.  Then just add beer.

The verdict?  Pretty darn tasty!  It compliments the beer very well, adding a shade of sweetness and spice that is almost impossible to achieve in a finished beer product.  It hits the front of the tongue and the beer washes over the back of the palate, making for a nice layering of flavor. The only downside is that it hardened after a while, but it would dissolve away as we sipped.  We wouldn’t want to drink a pumpkin ale like this every time, but it was an enjoyable embellishment we would certainly try again.

Next time, we might try adding or replacing with some other spices.  And we didn’t use fresh ground cinnamon, something that could take this up another notch.  We’re already getting ideas for other experiments.  Perhaps cayenne or a chili powder with an IPA?

Has anyone else tried anything like this before?  Do you think this is complete beer blasphemy?

-John (#13) and Erin (#102)
Special thanks to Erin’s sister, Megan, for tipping us off to a Boston bar that was serving pumpkin ale this way!

4 Replies to “Yeah, We Tried It: Pumpkin Ale in Cinnamon/Sugar Rimmed Glass”

  1. My sister introduced me to the cinnamon/sugar rim with some Great Lakes Christmas Ale last winter. It was extremely tasty.

    I made a pumkin porter for a friend’s hog roast last weekend and originally had planned on having a cinnamon/sugar rim available. However, by the time the day arrived, it slipped my mind. Oh well, there’s always next year …

  2. Yay! I’m glad I could share this tasty idea with you, and that you had a lovely success with it. Great instructions 🙂

  3. great idea, John…

    I was thinking about adding a touch of nutmeg to the spice blend. Nutmeg / cocoa / cayenne would add a mexican hot chocolate flair to a nice inky imperial stout…

  4. When i talked to Mitch at RockBottom for his pumkin ale tapping he said the bartenders have a shaker of allspice or something like that to sprinkle on your beer if you request it for a more pronounced taste.

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